Friday, August 9, 2013

My day

Alarm goes off sounding loud
waking me from a dream
Hurry, time to get up
and begin running around 

Shower, dress, gulp something down
and hop in the car.   Pull up the hood
and run up those stairs to the platform. 
Hurry the train pulled in, run, get in.
I got a seat; wow it’s a good day
I think as I squeeze between two people.

My stop time to get off
Up the stairs and down the block
stomp the feet and shake the umbrella
into the elevator walk in, push that button
Walk down the hall
I open the door and my day begins.

Up and down and back and forth
finally, time to go home.
Down the block and down the stairs
onto the platform and wait for the train.

Doors open and in I go,
I make it up against the door
oh well there goes the idea of reading my book.
My stop and I set off
down the stairs and in the car
Dinner, television and bed in that order.

All to do it all over again tomorrow

My Dilemma

I’m looking at a painting in front of me
as beautiful as one you will ever see
Wondering and wondering 
which could it be?
My quandary I will share if you will only let me.

Is the sun rising or is it setting 
I cannot tell even though I have tried
someone please tell me 
if you know how to figure it out
and can you share your knowledge with me.

Is the sun rising or is it setting 
On the rippling water so blue
I need to know, and I need to know now
Because knowing has become important to me
Is the sun rising or is it setting over the sea. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Heart

Where my heart lies deep in my soul
bidding to me in a voice so soft and low
spread your wings and set your spirit free
unchain your heart and love you will see.

Where my heart lies a peaceful river flows
ebbing away my fears
as my tears wind its way
through the valleys of my soul
releasing my hurts from so long ago.

Where my heart lies my pain disappears
a love so tender releases my fears
a sweet silent melody springs from within,
as my new life's longing is ready to begin.

Where my heart lies that's where you belong
giving to me life's joyous, love song
strumming my heart's string and setting me free
knowing that we were really meant to be.

Were I so tall?

Were I so tall to reach the pole,

or grasp the ocean with my span; 

I must be measured by my soul:

The mind’s the standard of the man.

Were I so tall to reach the sky

I would have no need for wings to fly

beyond what my eyes can see

or my mind can ever begin to grasp.

Were I so tall to reach so high 

it would be to the highest limb

to cradle the tiny red robin perched there

within the palms of my hands.

Were I so tall, if only I were so tall!!!!  

But since I’m not 

I will continue to strive and reach up and out

for the unattainable that is far beyond 

and the attainable that is just within my grasp.

The Treasure

In my hands I hold a wooden box,
A rather plain looking thing you see.
However the box is truly priceless,

Priceless because contained within
this wooden box is a secret. 
A secret that’s never been told.
Making the treasure inside
that much more precious.

Today for the very first time
I will share the treasure
within this box with you.
It's not made of gold or silver
Or even of great monetary value
But one of friendship given
to me so long ago!

A friendship, so pure, so true
As I open the box, I hold in my hands.
I will share it with you. 

Night Oh Night

Night oh night!  Most beautiful and rare
gives the heavens their hue,
and through the cerulean fields of air
brings down the gentle dew. 

Looking at the sky dotted with stars so bright
seeming to follow every step we take
and every move we make. 
The moon round and bright
peeking through the one visible cloud at a distance.

A night for gazing,
silence abounding the trees all around us.
Arms intertwined and heads touching
We stare fascinated as you begin pointing
out the various constellations. 

“Look there,” you whisper
afraid of shattering the silence. 
as we lean back and stare
at the formations unknown.

Memorizing the positions of the stars so bright
Hoping to dream of being among 
them with you at my side. 

The trees swaying above us splinter the silence
breaking the spell we are cocooned in.  
“Let’s go in.” you say.
putting your arms around me.

Up the steps we walked
the footsteps sounding louder than it should. 
Turning in unison we gazed at the sky
one last time.

The familiar smile

Looking at the meadow,
beyond, the horizon looms.
The Sun setting for the night
obscures my surroundings.

Despondency slowly settles in
yet still I wait
for the old familiar smile,  
I haven’t seen in quite awhile.

Night after night in my dreams
the old familiar smile still
brightens the features of my face.
Remembering when,
remembering how.
But never, never why.

Sitting on the rock I continue looking
at the horizon transfixed by the beauty.
He is not coming, should I leave?
Then in the distance a horizontal line
appears getting bigger as it comes near.

Then your red hair and profile
so much a part of the scenery
becomes as clear as day.

I take a step and then another
and before you know it
we are running toward each other.
Arms long forgotten, yet so familiar
are hugging me tighter than ever before.

Hello my friend,
Hello my buddy
“I will never let you go”
in union our voices utter.
Looking at each other
the years quickly slip away
Afraid to let go of this
precious moment we hold on. 

True Friends

True friends are hard to find,
A irrefutable fact I maintain to be true
For I have searched both high and low..
And wonder, are they out there?
Can they really be found?
I just don't know,
I really don’t know.

Sometimes I sit and wonder,
For hours on end. 
Should I go ahead with my search once again?
These doubts torment my mind
Both day and night
Stressing out my daily’s agenda to no end.

With all my doubts and fears
And relentless in my search
I’m sure a true friend or two
Are exactly what I'll find

In my extensive search.  

The Dream

Of all the moments we desire,
It’s of this moment we most dream.
A touch, a hold, an embrace
A stroke, a caress, a gentle gesture. 

Open your heart, your mind and arms
Let passions exhibit themselves
In all their magnificence and grandeur.
Accept with elegance
The sweet surrender of a kiss.

Heart beating at breakneck speed,
Passions running askew

With the love you feel within you.   

The Stranger

He walks into my life at the wrong time
uninvited and quite charming
He lavishes me with gifts from his heart
that don't cost much but time.

When he speaks to me
his voice cuts away the pain.
When he listens to my anguish.
I have much to gain.

Walk hand and hand with me by your side
for I can't resist your charms.
When I am with you there is no reason to hide,
for I am nothing but a shell until I am by your side.

Journey of Love

Two souls, each cast
from half of the same mold.
Brought together by fate's own hand,
to travel life’s journey
together to a far-off land. 

This journey will convey
one of my life’s greatest fears.
But, with you by my side,
we can struggle through the years.

Doesn't matter what the hardships
the number of lonely days
or the scores of cold dark nights
we may have to endure
in the end, the challenge
will make the reward key.

My heart is overflowing,
with a love so pure so true
from this time forward
our path will be like a rainbow
after a summer’s rain.   

Side By Side

Don't walk in front of me,
For I may not follow
Don't walk behind me,
For I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend.

Talk to me now and then,
Don’t always listen. 
Kiss me, hold me
Tell me you care,
In another word give a little
Don’t always take.

A friend I want,
A companion I need
Added to the lover I already got
To make me feel complete.

So walk in front and I will follow
Walk behind, and I will lead
Walk side by side as my friend.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The One

Hearing you laugh and seeing your smile 
makes the time we have together, worthwhile.
Holding your hand and hugging you tight
Gives me sweet dreams when I sleep at night.
Knowing you are there and feeling your touch
reminds me of all the things I love so much

I don’t want to live without your love
and don’t want to face a night on my own.
I want to be the one to hold you
on cold, dark and dingy nights.

When I look into your eyes 
There’s nothing in this world I cannot do
when you are near me
I get a feeling deep inside I cannot describe.

Just in case you ever forget,
I want you to remind you
You are mine
and I will never let you go...

Strokes Of The Brush

Paint my sky, paint my day
Paint my hair,
Continue finger painting away.
Paint my thoughts whatever they may be,
But don’t paint my moods
Because sometimes they are not really me.

Paint my today’s my tomorrow’s my dreams
Paint everything I do
And a special stroke for things I don’t. 
When you paint my life include its needs, 
And don’t forget to include my greed.

Paint me, my wants and my means
Especially paint the love,
I got, I gave and I shared. 

Don’t paint a halo, nor give me wings
Nor me kneeling with hands held high in prayer
For everyone that knows me
Also knows I am human with many faults,
Growths and warts.


The sun paints the sky crimson bright
as the birds glide across the horizon
I sip my drink and watch and think
and witness the close of another day. 

But this day was different than others
I shared between dark and daylight
with a man that when he sees me,
his face glows bright. 

How could I help but fall in love with this man
I think of him and my heart does
first a flip then a quick twirl
and where he is, I wish I was. 

As the sunset fades and the stars begin to
twinkle like lights in my lover's eyes
I promise you dear all my love.
My world till the next sunrise.  

Take this job and shove it

Trying hard to hold on to my temper
Has become impossible, just impossible.
“Better keep cool, take a deep breath,”
The voice in my head yells at me.

“What a jerk, that man is nothing but a jerk,”
I yell back at my voice.
“As usual he does not know what he is talking about,
always thinking he knows everything.”

Payday is today and you guessed it, I’m broke.
My check that is big enough to choke a horse,
Is for mortgage, car payments, ez-pass
And ten credit cards maxed to the hilt.

If it wasn't for a minor detail
You know, like bills.
I would quit today, I know I would!
But how can I, or, could I? 

There's not much money left over
But wait, it’s more than I thought
So, maybe, just maybe
I could go into his office and finally say:  

"Take this job and shove it."
I’m not gonna take it anymore.
I'd rather be a failure at something I enjoy
Than a success at something I hate.

See ya.  

My promise to you

I promise you that when you are sad,
I will be there to dry your tears.
When you are worried
I will be there to calm your fears.
When you are troubled,  
I will be there to assure you.

When confusion is abounding all around you,
I will be there to help you muddle through.
When you are lost 
And can’t seem to find your way.
I will be your guide shining the path ahead.

This is a promise I will give to you.
And why?
You guessed it, because I love you. 

Peace Of Mind

I can’t say that I know how you feel
For your hurt is great
And it will take a lot of time
for it to heal. 

It makes one wonder
if such a hurt will ever fully mend
When you've lost a mate,
a parent, a child or a good friend

Please know that I think of you,
Each and every day
And if you decide
To pick up the phone, email or text
I am only seconds away.

We can talk anytime
about whatever comes to mind. 
Silly or funny, thoughtful or sad
Your choices not mine.

While it is possible for a friend
To help ease your pain
From one moment to the next
Only God can bring you peace of mind 
But I will strive to be second best.  

My Love Is

Hugs and kisses
Can show you that I love you
Cards and poems
Can tell you how much I care.

A phone call can remind you
I am thinking of you
A poem from my heart,
Can somewhat explain my feelings.

What I can definitely tell you is
My love is strong enough
To defy any obstacles  
To challenge whatever may arise,
And handle any adversity
In other words I am here to stay. 

Feet, Lovely Feet

Feet, lovely feet
why do you hurt me so?
I treat you kind most of the time
Rest you when you’re tired
Soothe you when you are stressed
Even bathe you with those salts you love so well
Yet you still treat me so mean

I've been wracking my brain with all the thinking
about this relationship of ours
and some changes have to happen
let me tell you about how it’s going to be
so here’s the deal and consider it a steal

More showing you off by walking in the park
more dancing to great music
and ok I will even throw in more pedies
don’t want you to be jealous of the other sexy feet

Go feet, nice feet, happy feet!!!!!!!!

Do Not Go

When you kissed me,
My heart soared. 
When you made love to me
I felt safe in your arms.
When you said I love you
Nothing or no one else mattered.

In a blink of an eye something happened,
What I do not know
All I know is you changed your mind
And the pain in the depth of my soul
Proclaims you're no longer mine

Day in and day out I hurt  
Until I thought to ask
Tell me, what I can do
So I can make things right. 
Tell me, what to say
So I can convince you to stay.  

I would do anything to keep you
Though in my heart you’re already lost,
Still I can't let you go
Nor can I go on without you. 

Daily I long for the yesterdays
And the used to be
All I want is your love again 
And for you never to leave me.   

Love and Friendship

The feeling of love and friendships
Is the burning fire within?
The power, the thunder and the roar
That broods thick and thin. 

When I reach the end of my life
And the smoke and haze clears
I’ll look back and remember
The joys, the laughter and the tears.

I will remember a life shared,
Of memories and good times
Of deeds good and bad
And an occasional friendship never had
Or even a love or two gone bad. 

Three wishes

Gold dust may obstruct your vision
when it gets in your eyes. 
So even if we are looking at the same thing
it makes one wonder about perceptions.

Out of the corner of my eye,
on my daily subway ride
I see the homeless with no place to go.
The hungry so sick and frail,
begging anyone for sustenance to keep them going.

Walking along the city sidewalks
I see the bodies beaten down by circumstance
with aversion and desolation in their eyes.
The children and teens, surrounded by adults
yet feeling lost, alone and with no hope,
 their circumstances visible only by the stance of their bodies.

On the stairs I see the addicted to whatever their body craves
as I approach them I think, “Dear God please help them.”
Yet I still walk around them on my way to wherever.

However If I had three wishes, I would wish for
Homes and food for the homeless and hungry,
and security and tenderness for the beaten and the lost.
No more Garish days,
or eyes grown weary of life’s indifference
for anyone in need or want.

I thank you God
for the knowledge of how blessed I truly am,
and the good sense to appreciate it every day. 

Flame Within My Heart

Your tender lips and charms
draw me close to you;
my quest to be in your arms
is to have me love you too.

For in my heart a kindled flame,
does burn with desire;
in the lonely hours, once again,
you ignite my fire.

In my battle with mixed emotions,
you save me from my demise.
With common sense and sensibility
you keep me by your side.

The sprinkled skies that reign above
cannot compete with you.
For you have my love;
as no one else will ever do. 

Eyes Cry And Hearts Weep

 Eyes cry and hearts weep
For you we want to keep
Encircled in our arms forever.

You have gone to the great beyond
To be with loved ones long gone.
And though you are no longer in our presence
Your smile and spunk we will always remember.

Life lessons well taught
Rebukes and the words “be careful,”
Kindly thought of.
And although we will miss you
The love of your loved ones, you left behind
Will always surround you, even to the great beyond.

So rest in peace and give them hell
The way you always did here on earth so well.


I look into your dark brown eyes
and all I can see
is the burning desire
you have there for me.

No words need to be spoken
nor feelings need to be shared
because everyone around us can feel it
it’s in the air.

Our love is undying
it will never go away
we’ll still be together
when we are rather old and gray.


People are born to live, love, suffer and die.
What distinguishes one from another?
Is nothing but our hopes and dreams?
And how we go about achieving them.

We do not choose to be born, 
Choose our parents
Or the circumstances of our birth and upbringing.

And like our birth, we do not opt to die,
Nor do we decide the time or circumstances
But we do choose and decide how we live.

In life you do have a choice. 
It may not be a choice to your pleasing,
Still, it is a choice.

A Treasured Friend

A treasured friend is someone we turn to
When our spirits need a lift,
Someone we treasure
For true friendship is a gift. 

A friend is someone who fills our lives
With beauty, joy and grace
Someone who knows how to make a frown
Turn into a smiley face.

A friend makes the world we live in
A better and happier place.
Because without friends and friendships
This world is nothing but an empty desolate space.

So think of a friend when you are down and out
And need a sounding board to listen
Or just a shoulder to cry on
when your eyes begin to glisten.

Go for it
Don’t hesitate,
Nor don’t you dare think twice.

Pick up a Phone, Text, Tweet
Or you know sit and E-mail
Post a message on Facebook
Or possibly my space
But however you do it, reach out;

You know to the one that is your friend. 

When I Am

Happy times keep me
        Laughing and
                Sensing while
                        Perceiving the
                                Essence of our surroundings and
                                        Prancing along as we begin
                                                Sashaying to our hearts content.


What are wishes,
Without the dreams to comply.
Perhaps they are the hearts voice,
That lies deep inside.

Wishes are the hearts desires,
Along with hopes and dreams
That keeps souls afloat,
And our sense of adventure always on alert.

So keep your wishes safe inside,
Embraced in loving arms
For you never know what might come true,
Of the ones you seized just for you.

Wonderful Day

First you were my lover,
Then you became my spouse.
Next I was to discover,
Our love was my life.

Our love is the essence of my soul.
Yours for me and mine for you.
Without it, there’d be an enormous hole.
With it, there’s nothing we can't do.

Hope you have a wonderful day.
You truly are a gift from above.
Whether it's giving you a back rub,
Or sitting with you in the hot tub.

Sharing our love,
Is the only future I want to see.
I love you more than you will ever know,
Your returned love sets my heart aglow.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Affection Shared

Friendship is the kind of love
That never grows old.
It stays warm and cozy
When other loves turn cold.

Friendship is like a love so true
A feeling of caring that won’t be denied,
Because a friend, a true friend
Will always be there
No matter what may come about
Good or bad, both day and night.

Lovers and spouses come and go,
Whether we want them to or not
but a friend, a true friend, a real friend
We know is here to stay.

So hold onto the friends
that are dear to you,
And never let them go.
Think of how much they mean to you,
And be sure to tell them so.  

What I would do if I could

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share it beauty
on the days your feeling blue.

If I could build you a mountain top
to call your very own
a place to find tranquility
a pace you could be alone.

If I could take your problems
I would toss them in the sea
and make them disappear
so no one will ever see.

But as much as I wish
these things are not possible.
For I cannot build a mountain top
or catch an elusive rainbow
nor toss your troubles out to sea.

Instead let me be someone that cares
and do what I know best
always love you.

May You

May you find serenity and tranquility
In a world you may not always understand.
May a kind word and a reassuring touch be yours,
May you give these gifts, as well as receive them.

May the pain you have known
And the conflict you experienced
Give you the strength to face each situation.

May the teaching of those you admire
Become a part of you, so that you may call on them.
May you place value on the goodness in your heart?
Find the time each day to see the beauty
And realize that each person has abilities,
Each of us is different in our own way.

May you find enough inner strength
To see your own worth,
And not depend on another’s judgment.
May you know that there are those
Whose love and understanding will always be there,
When you feel alone.

Remember the sunshine,
When the storm seems unending.
Remember, those whose lives you have touched.
And who touched yours are always a part of you,
And most of all may you always feel loved!!