Monday, August 5, 2013

A Nameless Friend

A rare occurrence of late,
But it happened today.
I looked in the mirror
And the image looking back at me
Made me wonder
Who that person could possibly be.

Is that a smile?
Welcome friend it’s been a while.
It has been a frown so long;
I forgot what you felt like.

Without warning the living room has grown dark
My ears picking up the sound of the tap, tap,
Of the rain against the window pane
Coming faster and louder
Sounding like the music of a drum.

So why the smile and not the frown?
Today as the rain pounded
And the wind was gusting through the trees,
You waved while strolling down the block.
Your hood covering most of your face,
Doing little to protect you
From the inclement weather,
Your long lean hand continuing
To wave until you are out of sight.

You don’t know my name nor I yours.
You know me as the face behind the glass
Yet you always wave and mouth hello
As you pass my home.
You don’t know me,
But I consider you a friend.
You make me feel alive and forget my grief,
Even if for a few seconds each day.

Thank you friend. 


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