Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cool, Cool, Water

In front of me sits a tall glass
Filled to the brim with clear sparkling ice
and a slice of lime wedged in the middle of it all.

I stand there watching the water course into the glass
From the pitcher in my hand
The cool liquid crisp and inviting.

I pick it up and I bring it to my mouth
my salivary glands working overtime
Thinking of the taste of that cool, cool water.

The ice touches my lips
As the water goes into my mouth
and slides down my throat.
Gulp, gulp, gulp,
Cooling me on its way down.

I pick up the glass and take another long swallow
Ahh, nothing like it.
I look at the bottom of an empty glass
Filled only half way with ice
And now the slice of lime quite visible

Inside the tall glass covered with dew. 


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