Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dancing and Swaying

From the other side of the door the music blared
Loud and pulsating
No amount of ear plugs could tune it out
Believe me, I know I've tried.

The vibration made the soles of my feet tingle
As I stood on the other side of my door
Dreading what awaits me once I turned that key.

Unaware, I began swaying
My body having a mind of its own
Began moving to the rhythm
Of the boom, boom, boom.

So engrossed was I
I did not realize when the music stopped
And the sound of someone calling my name
Brought me back to the present.

Happy Birthday!!!!
Everyone yelled as the door opened wide.
And the chorus of happy birthday continued.
Someone handed me a long stemmed glass
And someone else dragged me into the apartment
Once again surrounded by the blaring music
and the boom, boom, boom.


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