Monday, August 5, 2013

Do I believe?

Do I believe in love at first sight?
Forgive me for laughing,
But you asking seems absurd!

My youthful notions
Hardly disclose the uncertainties of a mature relationship.
True, you are handsome, masculine and virile
But we cannot know another’s inner beauty at first glance.
It's something that runs deep and takes time to reveal itself.

I noticed your long slender fingers
The sound of your laughter,
a glimmering pool of joy.  
The look in your eyes calling my name,
A playful swirl of passion, and understanding.
But that’s not love, is it?

Caution entreats, 
Slow down I scold myself
Then passion intervenes,
And I surrender eagerly.
But love at first sight, can it be?

Is it? Can you please tell me?  


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