Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do Not Go

When you kissed me,
My heart soared. 
When you made love to me
I felt safe in your arms.
When you said I love you
Nothing or no one else mattered.

In a blink of an eye something happened,
What I do not know
All I know is you changed your mind
And the pain in the depth of my soul
Proclaims you're no longer mine

Day in and day out I hurt  
Until I thought to ask
Tell me, what I can do
So I can make things right. 
Tell me, what to say
So I can convince you to stay.  

I would do anything to keep you
Though in my heart you’re already lost,
Still I can't let you go
Nor can I go on without you. 

Daily I long for the yesterdays
And the used to be
All I want is your love again 
And for you never to leave me.   


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