Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Sight

Beneath the hallway light
We met, face to face.
Your eyes mesmerized my being
Your smile captured me to the core.
And we spoke for a long while. 

It wasn't but two days later
That I tasted your sweet kiss,
became lost in your embrace
And realized, this was meant to be.

Still later yet as I lay safe within 
your arms I knew what my heart 
was saying could not be wrong.

Yet, both of us were nervous
because we each had our fears;
was it worth taking the chance
for a love that might last through the years.

So I watched as you dream;
so innocent in your sleep.
You never heard my confession
of fears that ran so deep.

On our wedding day I stood before you
laying my heart on the line
hoping you felt this too,
a love lasting for all time.

New hopes and new dreams
that all began that April night
a mere Twenty-five years ago today.  


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