Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Give Me My Roses Now

Give me my roses now!
Don’t wait to strew me with them after I am dead.
When Death claims the light of my brow,
no flowers of life will cheer me up.  

You may give me my roses now!
So don’t wait my love,
because no one knows what tomorrow may bring.
Yellow is fine, but red or any other color will do.
The sight of them always makes me smile.
You tell me my smile is what attracted you to me.

The first rose was for our first month anniversary:
two for the second month,
three for the third, and so on,
until the day you handed me a dozen gorgeous roses
at the exact time we said our vows.

When did you stop? I don’t remember.
Was it when the kids were born?
Was it our jobs with their crazy hours,
or just the day to day grind of survival?

Many seasons have passed
since the first dozen of yellow roses,
and you still tell me you love me.
But I miss the look in your eyes
when you handed me my roses so long ago.

So darling, let your heart hear my silent plea.
Don’t wait: please don’t wait!
You may give me my roses now!  


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