Friday, August 9, 2013

My day

Alarm goes off sounding loud
waking me from a dream
Hurry, time to get up
and begin running around 

Shower, dress, gulp something down
and hop in the car.   Pull up the hood
and run up those stairs to the platform. 
Hurry the train pulled in, run, get in.
I got a seat; wow it’s a good day
I think as I squeeze between two people.

My stop time to get off
Up the stairs and down the block
stomp the feet and shake the umbrella
into the elevator walk in, push that button
Walk down the hall
I open the door and my day begins.

Up and down and back and forth
finally, time to go home.
Down the block and down the stairs
onto the platform and wait for the train.

Doors open and in I go,
I make it up against the door
oh well there goes the idea of reading my book.
My stop and I set off
down the stairs and in the car
Dinner, television and bed in that order.

All to do it all over again tomorrow


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