Thursday, August 8, 2013

Night Oh Night

Night oh night!  Most beautiful and rare
gives the heavens their hue,
and through the cerulean fields of air
brings down the gentle dew. 

Looking at the sky dotted with stars so bright
seeming to follow every step we take
and every move we make. 
The moon round and bright
peeking through the one visible cloud at a distance.

A night for gazing,
silence abounding the trees all around us.
Arms intertwined and heads touching
We stare fascinated as you begin pointing
out the various constellations. 

“Look there,” you whisper
afraid of shattering the silence. 
as we lean back and stare
at the formations unknown.

Memorizing the positions of the stars so bright
Hoping to dream of being among 
them with you at my side. 

The trees swaying above us splinter the silence
breaking the spell we are cocooned in.  
“Let’s go in.” you say.
putting your arms around me.

Up the steps we walked
the footsteps sounding louder than it should. 
Turning in unison we gazed at the sky
one last time.


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