Thursday, August 8, 2013

The familiar smile

Looking at the meadow,
beyond, the horizon looms.
The Sun setting for the night
obscures my surroundings.

Despondency slowly settles in
yet still I wait
for the old familiar smile,  
I haven’t seen in quite awhile.

Night after night in my dreams
the old familiar smile still
brightens the features of my face.
Remembering when,
remembering how.
But never, never why.

Sitting on the rock I continue looking
at the horizon transfixed by the beauty.
He is not coming, should I leave?
Then in the distance a horizontal line
appears getting bigger as it comes near.

Then your red hair and profile
so much a part of the scenery
becomes as clear as day.

I take a step and then another
and before you know it
we are running toward each other.
Arms long forgotten, yet so familiar
are hugging me tighter than ever before.

Hello my friend,
Hello my buddy
“I will never let you go”
in union our voices utter.
Looking at each other
the years quickly slip away
Afraid to let go of this
precious moment we hold on. 


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