Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Along The Way

 With a backpack in place I hike off in the month of May,
my boots crunch along the path, stepping over the fallen logs
constantly alert for the slithering and crawling critters   
wary of any movement of those sunning themselves
A field of flowers surrounds me,
a canvas of colors as far as the eyes can see
tones of orange, greens, and yellows
while overhead on a canopy of blooms
the birds chirp their delight
In the distance the snowcapped mountain calls,  
beckoning me to move along
fighting the altitude and resting longer than I like
controlling the labored breathing is a hassle
still my feet move and try to hurry along
What seemed so far away is now the peak beneath my feet
looking around and taking another moment
I enjoy the view so beyond awesome
unable to resist, I take one last look
And I hike back down in the month of June
the snow is gone and the forest continues to thrive