Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The first bedroom I ever slept in

Two doors led into our room
one from the hallway on the same side as the bed
the other across the room from my mother’s room
our bed rest against the wall
as we two lay deep beneath its girlie bedspread
during the cold, cold winter months

Snow covers the lower and upper part of our window pane
the sound of the snow plow coming to clear the snow
makes my sister and i jump out of bed and look outside
the traffic moves at a snail’s pace
but were delighted at the mountains of snow beneath our window
“No school today” Mom says as we two cheer at the good news

Awakened by the early morning sun shining brightly through the window
the sheer curtains blowing in the warm breeze
another morning to get up, get dressed, have oat meal
and better not forget kiss mom good by as she leaves for work
and off to school my sisters and I go

Later that afternoon i sit on my bed
the rain pelted against the pane
listening to Mom doing chores
the night shadows of the braches sways in the breeze
first the shadows scaring me and finally lulling my sister and I off to sleep

My sister and I no longer share a room
the house is no longer there
but my memories of that yellow room
and the noisy radiator
will always live in my heart


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