Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Walking Along

The weather is cooling down
and the dog days of summer
is on its way to becoming a memory
once again to be long gone,
from my window I sit and watch
as the leaves turn brown, red and yellow
and everything in between.

The wind steadily stirring the branches
causing the leaves to begin their descent
slowly swirling and falling
as they glide to the ground.

The sun is shining and the clouds above are picturesque
let me see how many shapes I can make out
I think, as I listen to the rustling beneath my feet  
trekking, trekking through the woods  

The perspiration glistens on my face
while the backpack feels like a ton
as my feet continue to grind the leaves beneath them
along the steep incline to my destination
the blot of the mountain peak in the distance

Rugged ground and slippery rocks
from the mist of the stream alongside
makes the going rougher
the site of the winding narrow path
brings me closer to my destination.

So profound my thirst, I gulp the water
the liquid quenching
and soothing my throat as it slides down,
closer to my destination
the leaves crunch under my feet
not as often as before and not as loud
but still I hear them 

Before me the cabin comes into view
the autumn foliage so breathtaking, I gasp
out of habit I automatically sit on a fallen log
to take in the view of the surrounding landscape
no window pane to separate us
no longer an observer of this wonder
but a real participant.


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