How to write a poem

Poetry is something that is very personal and writing it should be fun and it doesn't make a difference whether you are a beginner or someone that has been doing it for a while.

There are dozens of different styles of poetry but don’t let that intimidate you or drive you crazy.  Unless you write for a living I recommend you just sit down, put some words down on paper and get started. 

Most important in the beginning don’t worry about the outcome.   As you go along reading it for the first, second, third time or more you can change your words or separate your  section, verse or a stanza as they also may be called as many times as you want and in the end if it sounds good to you then its o.k.

For me I can be walking, sitting on the subway, watching television or just reading a book when I get my inspirations.  Another words it can come from anywhere.  So whether it’s a word or a sentence that gets you started, just do it.  

Let’s get started:
·        I am going to choose the word “ light”, in this case meaning
·       You can use the word light throughout the poem.
·        Start every line with the word light.
·        Use the word only in the first stanza and the last stanza of the 
·        You can make your poem rhyme or it can be free flow.
·        You are the only one that can decide what you want your poem to
     sound or look like.
·        Read the poem at loud to yourself, it sounds different then when
     you are just reading it.

The light shimmering through the window pane
fell on the cat 
sleeping by the coffee table
the glare making him blink, 
stretch and finally open his eyes.

                         You get the idea, happy writing. 

Some Recommended Books:

1. Poetry For Beginners
2. The Practice of Poetry: Writing Exercises From Poets Who Teach
3. Writing Poetry from the Inside Out: Finding Your Voice Through the Craft of Poetry


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